LVX engaged as services designers for iconic wine brand Henschke’s new Keyneton Cellar Door

LVX is pleased to have been appointed as services designers for legendary Australian wine label, Henschke, adding further strength to our reputation as a design of choice for the wine industry. “We look forward to working with JBG Architects in this exciting, bespoke project that brings our strengths in compliance, sustainability, design and brand messaging together in an homage to Henschke’s 150 years in the Australian wine industry. It’s a very exciting project,” explains Corey Gray, LVX’s Managing Director and head of creative design. Construction is due to start after Easter 2018.

LVX to deliver State-of-the-Art IoT technology based services and controls engineered solution to Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Dryandra Underpass Project

LVX has today been engaged by the project design and construct team led by McConnell Dowell to design, supply, commission and manage an industry leading underpass controls solution for Brisbane Airport Corporation’s, (“BAC’s”), Dryandra Underpass Project, part of the larger $1.4Bn New Parallel Runway Project. This engagement sits squarely within LVX’s rapidly expanding profile of large scale, high complexity roles for major infrastructure clients around Australia and is a testament to the capability, experience and reputation of our engineering team that LVX continues to be sought for such roles. The project offers unparalleled safety for drivers as well as significant energy and maintenance savings over the life of the asset, and a platform for BAC to launch into a campus wide deployment of IoT technology-based solutions.

LVX and VeroGuard Systems Enter into Technology Development Partnership

LVX and Secure Digital Identity platform provider VeroGuard Systems have today entered into a formal partnership to jointly market LVX’s industry leading smart building/campus/city IoT experience, capability and credentials with VeroGuard’s world leading cyber security solution.

LVX’s Managing Director, and Leader of Smart city/IoT Advisory, Corey Gray, explains:
“Since 2009 LVX has been engaged actively in the IoT advisory space. For the first 5 years the technology was the constraint to large scale adoption of IoT. For the last 4 years adoption has been constrained by the commercial/contractual environment and the heightened awareness of sensitivities and risks around IoT security.

The end game of Smart City/IoT is that all of a city’s “machine” assets (devices), are IoT enabled and intelligent. The catastrophic risk in all of this is that a hacker can no longer just steal identities and money, but hack a Smart City System, disable CCTV, turn all traffic signals to green and turn out the street lights. The same range and effectiveness offered by the cloud for productivity is also making it a significant target for criminals and terrorists. At LVX we have long recognised that security is critical to realising the full potential of the Smart City/IoT opportunity”.

VeroGuard’s Chairman and Co-CEO, Daniel Elbaum, elaborates:
“Digital Identity access and management for humans is now increasingly recognised as being critical to security over the Internet. What has not been as well understood is that the Internet of Things must also have ultra-secure connections with irrefutable verification of inbound and outbound communications whether they are with other machines or humans. It is essential the world secures the billions of connected devices and their associated communications we are building reliance on. That need is central to the accelerated adoption of IoT. Now we can deliver that outcome in a cost effective and scalable form”.
Corey Gray, concludes: “Secure ID technology means that finally our clients can access the full potential of the IoT by protecting their devices from cyber threats. VeroGuard’s solution is unique and even extends itself to resolving some of the most significant issues with Blockchain by providing an identity and security layer to the platform. Appropriate deployment of Blockchain will change the way large scale, complex device operation and management can be handled, and VeroGuard will help to speed up and take the risk out of initiatives such as smart contracts”.

This has not been done until now. It’s a world first technology.

VeroGuard’s secure ID technology is a game-changing enabler for smart city and the IoT.

We are extremely excited about what 2018 will bring for Smart City IoT, LVX, VeroGuard and our clients.”

Secure Technology firm VeroGuard Systems Engages LVX to design, engineer and project manage construction of its 2 new secure manufacturing facilities in Adelaide, SA

Future Industry technology firm, VeroGuard Systems has appointed LVX to design, engineer and project manage construction of its 2 new secure technology manufacturing facilities in Adelaide’s north. Melbourne based VeroGuard is investing nearly $60 million in its state-of-the-art Adelaide operations with the expectation of employing nearly 600 former Holden workers recently made redundant after the closure of Holden’s Australian manufacturing facility in Elizabeth.

Partnering with JBG Architects the move is LVX’s first step into full scale architectural design and project management services. Details of the formalisation of the LVX-JBG Design Partnership are expected to be made in early 2018.

City of Perth engages LVX as Smart Lighting, Data and Digital Transformation Advisors

After a rigorous tender and review process City of Perth has appointed LVX as its Smart Lighting, Data and Digital Transformation Advisors to develop, masterplan and mobilise the implementation of Smart City Technology throughout the City over the next 5 years. IN a further statement of LVX’s pre-eminence in the Smart City/IoT Space this high profile engagement not only focuses on the audit and strategic replacement of existing assets and the integration of new smart technologies, but tasks LVX with forecasting and making Perth future ready for not yet developed technologies and emerging new technology and new economies.

LVX’s Discipline Leader in Smart City & IoT Technology, and also managing Director, Corey Gray explains:

“When we think about Smart Cities and the IoT now, our clients need to know that everything that they have conceived of is covered, and so are several things that don’t even exist yet. New economy is a big one. Can we charge for EV car charging? Can our clients commercialise client usage data? What about advertising revenues? What about secure blockchain managed smart/crypto-contracts? It’s a whole new technological and commercial landscape. The jury is out on the long term viability of Bitcoin – mostly because not enough people understand it – but everyone with more than a passing understanding of these new technologies knows for sure that the impact of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies, all carried on the back of blockchain technology, is here to stay. The legislated framework is another issue, and one in which we are extremely involved. They are exciting times for LVX, our clients and this planet.”

City of Unley Awarded Federal Government Smart Cities & Suburbs Grant for Heywood Park Smart Precinct Project

LVX has further enhanced its credentials as Australia’s leading advisor in the Smart City/IoT space with the successful submission of its “Smart Precinct” design from Heywood Park to the Federal Government’s Smart Suburbs and Cities Grant Program. “The beauty of the Heywood Park project is that unless you look really closely you wont be able to notice any major changes to this historic precinct”, said Project Manager, Corey Gray. “Technology is designed to make Heywood Park safer, more usable, more sustainable, more cost-effective and to enhance the pre-existing beauty of the park”. Partnering with SA Government’s Department of Planning, Transport & Industry, Secure Technology Firm, VeroGuard Systems and NYSE listed Silicon Valley Smart Technology leader, Echelon Corporation, Heywood Park will be the first full scale integrated deployment of a full suite of Smart City Technologies including smart water, smart waste, Wi-fi, smart lighting, smart parking and traffic counting and management. After detailed community stakeholder engagement the Final Design for the project will be completed by March 2018 with construction expected to be completed by May 2019.

“One of the many great things about this project – apart from being world-leading – is that it provides City of Unley with a technology infrastructure that can be leveraged throughout all of its assets. It’s an incredible head start for everyone living and working in Unley”, said Dean Jones, LVX’s Head of Technology Deployment. “It’s really exciting to be working on a project like this in our home town.”

Perth Zoo Engages LVX for Phase 2 of the Campus Wide Sustainable Lighting Upgrade

Perth Zoo has today extended LVX specialist Illumination & Sustainability Engineering role. Phase 2 involves the audit and re-documentation of all existing built structures along with technical, risk, commercial and environmental due diligence reporting and the determination and documentation of a final 5 year capital replacement program that will see Perth Zoo to 2030 and beyond. This highly technical and complex engagement speaks to LVX’s reputation as the consultant of choice for environmentally, technically, commercially & logistically complex risk based projects, and we are pleased to continue our relationship with such a highly regarded client as Perth Zoo.

Brisbane Airport Corporation engages LVX as specialist Illumination, Technology & Peer Review Consultant for $1.4Bn New Parallel Runway Project

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of LVX as specialist illumination, technology & peer review consultant to the high profile New Parallel Runway Project underway at Brisbane Airport. This engagement sits squarely within LVX’s rapidly expanding profile of large scale, high complexity roles for major infrastructure clients around Australia and is a testament to the capability, experience and reputation of our engineering team that LVX continues to be sought for such roles.

LVX Engaged as Peer Review Consultant for Qld Government’s South Bank Corporation

LVX has today been engaged as specialist Engineering Peer Review Services Consultant to Qld Government’s prestigious South Bank Corporation. Overseeing the development, operation and management of Brisbane’s high profile South Bank Precinct which hosts over 10 million visitors per annum, LVX’s coordination and evaluation role is core to our business and offers exciting opportunities to collaborate with designers of all types to deliver optimised solutions in one of Australia’s most recognisable precincts.

Park Hyatt Sydney Sign off on LVX Sustainable Lighting Solution

LVX is pleased to announce that after 12 months in design conception and due diligence Park Hyatt Sydney, Australia’s most prestigious hotel, has signed off on LVX’s sustainable lighting solution for its back of house assets. Delivering AS1680, AS2293 and NCC Sections E4 & J compliance, as well as 60% power savings and 90% maintenance savings of the next 10 years thi solution is industry leading in all aspects of compliance/risk, cost and technology